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Hearing Aids


And the Importance of the Audiologist

We recognize there are numerous places a patient can purchase hearing aids, and many often feel overwhelmed by where to start. When you purchase hearing aids through Family ENT, you can expect to be fit with the best hearing aid technology available. We work with top hearing aid manufactures such as Oticon, Phonak, and Unitron. Our staff audiologists are all doctorate level professionals, with a strong desire to improve your hearing and quality of life. Our audiologists and physicians work together and discuss rehabilitative options, including assistive listening devices as well as hearing aids.

Following a comprehensive audiologic exam, a free hearing aid evaluation is recommended. At this appointment the audiologist will ask various questions to determine the best technology level to meet your lifestyle. After a hearing aid is decided upon, an in-office demo allows each patient to experience the physical feeling and sound quality of the instrument. At the end of this appointment, many patients opt to leave with a pair of demo hearing aids, returning in one week to report back on their experience.

Family ENT offers a variety of hearing aid styles, from completely in the ear to open fit behind the ear hearing aids. The price of hearing aids is dependent upon lifestyle needs and hearing aid technology. Patients who are fit with hearing aids have a 30 day trial period. At the end of the trial period, should a patient opt to return their hearing aids, a refund for the cost of the hearing devices will be given.

Once a patient decides to keep their hearing aids, a three year manufacturers warranty is provided with each device. We suggest returning every 6 months for a hearing aid cleaning and check.

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