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General FAQs

Do you see adult and pediatric patients?

Yes, all ages.

Do you accept “walk-in” patients?

No, you need to be scheduled by yourself or your PCP’s office before coming in.

Do you see “same-day” patients?

Yes, sometimes.  If your PCP’s office or ER think you need to be seen that day, they can call us and make that arrangement.  If you have a concern that you believe needs to be addressed, give us a call.  We can decide the best treatment plan, whether that is a phone conversation or scheduling an appointment.

Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard

Which insurances do you accept?

Most.  There are a few plans that we are out-of-network for.  You should call your insurance and find out before your visit.

Do you see “self-pay” patients?

Yes.  We try hard to accommodate patients without insurance.  We can not give pricing before the visit as the charges depend on what is seen, done, and discussed during the visit.  If payment is made in full at the time of the visit there is a substantial discount.

How does a “self-pay” patient pay for surgery?

At least 50% of the surgeon’s fee must be paid before surgery, and the balance can be paid after, including a payment plan if necessary.  We help coordinate the hospital costs through the financial offices at the hospitals. 

Where do you perform surgeries?
  • Stratham Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • York Hospital
  • Portsmouth Hospital
  • Portsmouth Regional Ambulatory Surgery Center
Can I be seen for just a hearing test?

Yes.  Some hearing test results will lead to a visit with one of our providers as well.  Sometimes wax needs to be removed by a provider before we are able to do an accurate hearing test.

Will I see a doctor or a PA?

Either one.  In addition to the 3 doctors, our PA, John Stallman, has been working exclusively with ENT patients for 15 years.

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