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Procedures at Family Ear, Nose & Throat

Many patients experience problems with their breathing and sleep; two of the most critical functions we need to stay alive and healthy. At Family Ear, Nose & Throat, we offer non-invasive, procedures to help you experience better breathing, sleep, and an overall healthier well-being.

Our physicians are all Board Certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. They perform a wide variety of ear, nose, throat, neck, and sleep procedures, both in the operating room and in the office.


If you regularly experience difficulty breathing through your nose and nothing seems to help, you may have nasal obstruction. Nasal obstruction is often caused by anatomical blockage in the nose, hindering airflow. As a result, you may feel congested or “stuffy.” Home remedies and medications may offer temporary relief. It’s only when your nasal airway is opened that you can expect to find real, lasting relief.

Until now, finding a long-term solution often meant surgery. Now, we can offer you lasting relief by performing a non-invasive VivAer treatment to open your nasal airway.

VivAer Treatment

The VivAer treatment is clinically shown to provide high satisfaction and lasting relief. Patients typically return to their normal daily activity the same day.

  • 97% of patients experienced significant improvement in nasal breathing.
  • 94% of patients improved their ability to get enough air through their nose during exercise or exertion.
  • 89% of patients reported getting a better night’s sleep.
If you are interested in VivAer treatment, contact us today.

Am I a candidate for the VivAer treatment?

To find out, take these two simple tests.

Cottle’s Maneuver

Step 1. Place two fingertips on your cheeks, on each side of your nose.

Step 2. Gently press and pull outward to further open your nasal passage. While holding, breathe through your nose.

Did the Cottle’s maneuver help you breathe better? If so, you may be a candidate.

Nose Score

Complete the questionnaire below.


RhinAer provides relief for those suffering from chronic rhinitis. Chronic rhinitis is persistent inflammation of the tissues lining the nose, resulting in symptoms such as constant runny nose and often post-nasal drip, congestion, coughing, nasal itching, and sneezing. While symptoms may be related to allergies, symptoms from chronic rhinitis can last all year.

You may have tried medications and sprays to manage these symptoms. Unfortunately, these treatments only provide temporary relief. It’s only when the root cause of your rhinitis is addressed that you can expect to find real, lasting relief.

RhinAer Treatment

If you have persistent symptoms of chronic rhinitis, you can experience long lasting relief. For many patients, these symptoms may be caused by abnormal signals in the nose. Now, the physicians at Family Ear, Nose & Throat can offer you RhinAer to disrupt these signals and provide relief. In a clinical study, patients treated with RhinAer experienced significant relief from chronic rhinitis symptoms. Patients typically return to normal activity on the same day.

With RhinAer you will experience:

  • Lasting relief of symptoms including runny nose, post-nasal drip, and chronic cough.
  • Minimal discomfort, no incisions, and can be performed in our office.
  • Significant improvements in your symptoms and quality of life.
If you are interested in RhinAer treatment, contact us today.

Am I a candidate for the RhinAer treatment?

To find out, complete the Total Nasal Symptom Score questionnaire below.

Informational Videos

Play Video about Next Generation RhinAer

Next Generation RhinAer

Play Video about VivAer Procedure Animation

VivAer Procedure Animation

Inspire Sleep Apnea

Getting treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is important because, if left untreated, it can lead to increased risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, memory loss, accidents, and other serious diseases. If you have obstructive sleep apnea that has not benefited from a CPAP machine, you may be an ideal candidate for Inspire.

Inspire is the only FDA approved obstructive sleep apnea treatment that works inside your body to treat the root cause of sleep apnea with just the click of a button. Inspire works inside your body while you sleep. It’s a small device placed during a same-day, outpatient procedure. When you’re ready for bed, simply click the remote to turn Inspire on. While you sleep, Inspire opens your airway, allowing you to breathe normally and sleep peacefully.

You may be a candidate for Inspire if:

  • You have moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea
  • You are unable to use or get consistent benefit from CPAP
  • You are not significantly obese
  • You are over the age of 18
Learn more about Inspire and if it’s the right option for you. If you are ready to experience peaceful sleep with Inspire, contact us today.

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